Meet the Fairy Godstylists!

Meet our team! Each and every one of us has our own unique story about why working at Bombshell is so important, and even though every story is different, they all have one thing in common, we love empowering and uplifting our brides!


Hi! I'm Britney (like spears!) and After becoming a bombshell bride in 2014, I knew I had found a place that would be part of my life forever. I am blessed to work with a wonderful team of women and the most amazing brides in the world. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to share in so many other women's life moments and I can't wait to celebrate your love story with you.




Hi, my name is Debra aka as Bday. I've been with Bombshell for five years, and I have to say it's not a job it's a passion! I adore all of my brides, they have become some of my dearest friends!

Lead Stylist



Hello beautiful, my name is Siobhan! Since the moment I walked into Bombshell I knew I had found my home. I have a passion for bridal, fashion and empowering woman to feel beautiful. I believe everything in life happens for a reason. I’m blessed to work with such amazing brides who have left an ever lasting impression on my heart.

Social Media/Stylist



 Hello, friends! My name is Em! Words can't express how much I LOVE being a stylist here at Bombshell Bridal. I have met so many wonderful and beautiful souls, and that's all I ever really want in life. I just love people and fashion, and I am grateful to be here! <3




Hi, I’m Lexi!
I was lucky enough to be a Bombshell Bride before I became a part of the team.
Nothing makes me happier than watching my brides light up when they find “the one”.




My name is Emily. I love ice cream, Disney, and Bombshell Bridal! I can’t wait to see you in your dream dress!

Email Marketing/Stylist



Hi, My name is Kirah! I've been with Bombshell/Liz Louize for 6 years, and I have never felt more fulfilled than I have helping women feel beautiful and comfortable with themselves!

Liz Louize COO/Stylist



Hi, my name is Pam or Mom. I am Amanda and Amy's mom and I am the one who purchases and checks in your gorgeous gown! I love my job! When I am not at Bombshell you can probably find me in Las Vegas! 

Purchase and Receiving


27887 Harper Ave

St. Clair Shores, MI 48081



Monday: 11am-8pm

Tuesday: We straight chillin'

Wednesday: 11am-6pm

Thursday: 11am-8pm

Friday: 12pm-5pm

Saturday: 10am-5pm

Sunday: 12pm-4pm

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