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5 Tips for an Amazing Bridal Appointment!

Hey girl Hey! We are SO EXCITED to meet you!

At Bombshell we love celebrating with our brides and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Did you know that our fearless leader and owner, Amanda created Bombshell so that no bride would ever have to have the same disappointing experience she did? She left bridal shops in T E A R S! She created a safe haven for A L L brides so they can have the bridal experience they deserve!

At Bombshell you can expect:

🎀Beautiful gowns in sizes you can actually try on!

🎀The friendliest and most supportive staff you've ever met!

🎀A business reputation that you can trust! Don't believe us? Read our reviews!

We’re honored that you chose us, and we’re going to take the best care of you. Here are a few tips to help ease your mind and get you excited about your appointment!

1. Keep an open mind.

Some of the most beautiful gowns don’t look all that special on the hanger, so be open to your stylist’s suggestions. We’re here to help you find a gown that perfectly expresses you, so the more open-minded you are, the better your experience will be.

2. Try on every silhouette!

Even if you’re pretty certain that you want a ballgown, it never hurts to try on a mermaid! We want you to LOVE your dress, and the best way to be certain about the gown you choose is to rule out everything that you don’t like. Plus, sometimes you might be surprised with what you like! Fall in love with the gown on YOU! It is totally ok if you don’t cry! Every bride’s “YES!” moment is different, and while some brides shed tears, lots of brides don’t. Every bride’s moment is different, so however you feel when you find THE dress, is just right!

3. Choose your entourage carefully.

The people you bring with you can be the difference between the having the best bridal appointment ever, or leaving the bridal shop feeling totally defeated. More opinions are not always better. Bringing a few trusted people to support your vision is best and makes for the most fun and memorable experience.

4. Come in ready to fall in love!

The moment you find your wedding gown only happens once, and it can happen when you least expect it! That’s why it’s important to bring all the people that you need to say “YES!” to your dress with you to your bridal appointment. We want to celebrate the moment you find the gown, and we want all your important people there too! Finding your gown is a life moment you’ll always remember, let yourself get carried away in the moment!

5. Breathe.

Trust the process and know that your stylist A L W A Y S has your back. We got you girl, so relax and enjoy yourself!

We'll talk soon! If you ever have any questions or just need to vent because wedding planning can be a bit much at times, text us! 586-294-7280

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